Surrender to Soul Healing & Wellness

Enhance. Embody. Empower. 

My Mission


Are you seeking Health, Vitality, or Intuitive Healing?


Are you ready to call in a change that supports your Personal or Psychic Growth?


Do you wonder how you can experience Awareness & Aliveness, Balance & Ease?


Do you want access to wholesome Healing & Wellness - of Mind, Body, and Spirit?

Surrender to Soul is here to aid you in Enhancing, Embodying and Empowering your health, healing and overall focusing on nutrition, chef-quality meal prepping, yoga, movement, meditation, shamanic intuitive healing, reiki soul energy, and connection to Spirit and your Spirit Guides for a life of fulfillment, happiness, and as much ease as possible!

The Foundation:

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle: Wholesome & Healthy Living
  • Natural Movement: Yoga & Functional Exercise
  • Shamanic Intuitive Healing & Reiki: Free your Energy & Soul
  • Emotional Liberation: Release Cell Memory
  • Spiritual Support: Connect to your Psychic Abilities & the Subtle Realms

Surrender to Soul Healing & Wellness offers a safe space – whether in a Yoga class, Shamanic workshop, Cooking Session, Intuitive Healing or Space Clearing – to connect you to the deepest wisdom stored in your DNA and your Soul. Through building a relationship to this power from within, along the way you are able to release old programming, trauma, and energy stored in mind, body, and soul-self that will not serve your highest path moving forward.  As you heal and grow, you also learn to surrender to the infinite potential and possibility of the creative Universe…the Universe is supporting you, not against you! Through this process of surrender, you open up to the powerful, blissful, and beautiful energy of your Soul. The eternal energy of your Soul wants to shine through all that you create and do here on Earth. Through Surrendering to Soul, you can live a life of clarity and vibrant health, passionately connected to your highest purpose, path, and most heart-felt desires for connection.

It is possible to live the Life of your dreams.

I'd be honored to support you on your Path. 

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