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Enhance. Embody. Empower.

Surrender to Soul guides you to Enhance, Embody, and Empower your health, healing and overall well-being...by focusing on a variety of services and offerings for your greater wellness. We are powerful Lovers, Healers, Creators, and Manifesters when we allow ourselves to be!


What is the energy behind Surrender to Soul?

Nutrition | Chef-Quality Meal Prepping | Yoga | Functional Movement | Meditation | Shamanic Intuitive Healing & Shamanic Journeying | Reiki, Soul & Psychic Energy | Woman's Wellness & Womb Healing | Connection to Spirit & your Spirit Guides...

all to encourage a life of fulfillment, happiness

and as much ease as possible! 


Surrender to Soul's Foundation

Nutrition & Lifestyle: Wholesome & Healthy Living


Natural Movement: Yoga & Functional Exercise


Shamanic Intuitive Healing: Connect to & Free your Soul


Emotional Liberation: Release Cellular Memory


Women's Wellness: Your Womb is Your Creative Powerhouse!


Spiritual Support: Embrace your Inner Wisdom, Psychic Abilities & the Subtle Realms


How does it work?

Surrender to Soul Healing & Wellness offers a safe space – whether in a Yoga class, Shamanic workshop, Intuitive Healing, Space Clearing or Womb Massage – to connect you to the deepest wisdom stored in your DNA and your Soul. Through building a relationship to this power from within, along the way you are able to release old programming, trauma, and energy stored in mind, body, and soul-self that will not serve your highest path moving forward.  As you heal and grow, you also learn to surrender to the infinite potential and possibility of the creative Universe…the Universe is supporting you, not against you! Through this process of surrender, you open up to the powerful, blissful, and beautiful energy of your Soul. The eternal energy of your Soul wants to shine through all that you create and do here on Earth. 


Why should I "Surrender to Soul"?

Through Surrendering to Soul, you can walk your unique healing path with unconditional support and as much ease as possible. STS is for those who are ready to wholesomely approach healing/health or for those who are already on their path to authenticity and fullness and are yearning for more resources or support along the way. I work with anyone who is open to receive "higher" energies and wisdoms that encourage overall balance (based on your intentions, desires, aspirations, & Earthly life), but especially those who may be labeled as "sensitive" or have unique health needs or goals. It is an honor and blessing to share my gifts, and I hold myself greatly accountable. It is of the utmost importance that my work be for the benefit of all beings, not solely for me or you. I use techniques and tools in all of my offerings that help each and every one of us find neutral and reconnect to our inner vibrancy...regardless of our life stories.

It is possible to live with clarity and purpose, while being passionately connected to yourself, others, nature, and the greater world!


Live the Life of your Dreams...

I'd be honored to support you on your Healing Path. 

Hello Beautiful Being! My name is Shanin Weisberg, and I am a RYT-500 Yoga Teacher, Chef, Shamanic Intuitive Healer, Empath and Channel for spiritual guidance, wisdom and universal healing energies. With a down-to-earth relatable approach, I utilize my connection to Spirit and my psychic & intuitive gifts as a service to my community, our greater world and beyond. My main psychic gifts include clairvoyance (clear sight), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). Through my services, I help to promote greater wellness, awareness, balance and ease of my earthly life and the lives of my students and clients. I believe every experience holds the potential for growth, transformation and healing. I underwent compounded Initiations of pain, struggle and suffering throughout my childhood/early adulthood.  Because of these, I was nudged onto the path that I walk - with humility and Spirit - today. Throughout the process of "remembering" my Divine, True self, I have journeyed through my emotional suppressions, mental roadblocks, belief patterns and my body's deepest cellular memories. I have immersed myself in various teachings, modalities and traditions including: Nutrition, Yoga/Mindfulness, Meditation, Functional Movement, Shamanism, Tantra, Reiki Energy, Psychic/Soul Healing and more.  I work in integrity, and I practice ethical Shamanic, psychic and energetic healing. My gifts are a culmination of influences both within our world and beyond. With respect to my spiritual and ethnic roots, my collective approach is not meant to appropriate any specific culture or lineage. I am fully committed to a continuous path of learning and growth, while being a guide for others on their journey to Healing & Wellness - for the greatest benefit of all.

It is my soul calling to assist you on your path to wholesome and optimal living and being. 


Embody Your Empath: A 6 Week Series in Lafayette, CO

Meets 4 Tuesdays in April, May 5th & 12th | 5:45-8p

Do you easily take on energy from other people or your environment(s)? Is it common for you to feel a sense of overwhelm in loud or crowded places? Do you have sudden fatigue spells, abrupt headaches or other unexplained sensations that emerge during or after day-to-day life interactions? Do you then crave alone time to rest, recharge and rebalance?

If this is a "YES!"...Chances are, you are what I like to call a “Sensitive” or more commonly known as an Empath.

Empaths (knowingly or unknowingly) are constantly processing higher levels of stimuli when interacting with energies outside of their personal field – ex. other people, places, or things. We are all empathic to varying degrees, and it is actually a psychic ability! When unbalanced, it can also cause burn out and leave you feeling not like yourself. Being an Empath is frequently misunderstood; we are not typically given proper tools, practices and resources that help us shine light on our Gift, so that we may live up to our potential as beautifully "Sensitive" souls on Earth!

In this 6-Week Series, you will gain a community of “like-minded” supporters, various tools for everyday living as a “Sensitive”, and so much more…including approaches that are physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual.

Each week will include: gentle yoga | discussions | meditations | healing techniques | and shamanic journeys that will encourage you to Embody Your Empath.

  • Week 1 Physical Tools for Everyday Living with Psychic Abilities: Build a Foundation
  • Week 2 Cleansing & Clearing: Distinction of YOUR Energy VS. Energy of “Other”
  • Week 3 Boundaries & Protection: Visualizations, Incantations, Psychic & Spirit Support
  • Week 4 Reflection Empathy in Relationships: Relating, Mirroring, & Alchemizing
  • Week 5 Sustaining Balance & Building Trust: What is Balance for You VS. What is “Off”
  • Week 6 BE IN YOUR BODY: The Purposeful Grounding, Belonging & Embodiment of Your Gift

This Series is designed for anyone who is open to explore their sensitivity, but especially those who act in service to others: Teachers, Medical Professionals, Therapists and Healers of all kind.

Dive in to gain knowledge, expand your awareness, and open to the possibilities of your Gift.

Upon completion, expect to bring greater comfort, joy and fulfillment into your everyday Life. Our changing world is in dire need of Embodied Empaths

*Space is limited to ensure comfort and safety of group. Wear cozy clothes, and bring a yoga mat & journal/pen!

Date?  6 Weeks in 2020: April 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, May 5th, 12th

Time?  5:45-8p

Location? Soul Tree Yoga Simpson Studio | 422 E Simpson St Lafayette CO 80026

Investment? $200 pre-reg by 3/24, $250 after


Surrender to Soul Healing & Wellness

Phone - (443) 974-8598

Email - surrendertosoul@yahoo.com

Shamanic Intuitive Healing - Reiki & Psychic Readings. Nutrition - Healthy Meal Prepping & Chef-Quality Meals. Yoga & Meditation - Public Classes, Group Healing Events, Workshops and more.