"Thank you so much for the beautiful healing session. Hope to do it again soon!" MJ

"Thank you for all you do. I have been feeling really good these days. Calmer and untangled are two really great words to describe me right now." JH

"Shanin is a rare find. Her ability to orchestrate a communal experience of the power of breath, keeps me coming back again and again. She brings this quality to all levels and types of yoga she teaches. She has a beautiful voice. I love when she expresses healing energy through song/percussion toward the end of class. I always feel safe in her class because she is kind and offers thoughtful modifications to each pose. Can't wait to try one of her workshops this summer." LS

"Even though my legs are SO sore right now, I'm still so grateful for your Soul Fit class. I've done boot camp style workouts in the past and this is similar but so much better! In those classes, I wasn't as in tune with my body as I am in Soul Fit. And I feel like I can allow myself to take it at a slower pace while I'm healing. Plus, it's a lot of fun! And I love how we ended with a Savasana yesterday. Thank you Shanin!" JM

"Shanin has been an invaluable help in so many ways. She has been preparing healthy meals for my family in our quest to eat healthy for the past year. She is very professional, on time and has a passion for well being and ensuring meals are prepared with in season fruits and vegetables. She is very flexible and taught our Au pair (nanny from another country) how to cook and prepare healthy meals on a weekly basis. I’d highly recommend Shanin to help any person or family make healthier changes. She is a self starter, proactive and needs no direction which has been a blessing for a working mom of three kids under 10!" JJ

"Shanin has opened my eyes to a whole new experience with yoga.  Through this practice, I have not only improved my health but also my strength.  I can feel my body rising to the challenges of new poses and stances.  Diet and nutrition are also important to me and Shanin’s advice has vastly improved my knowledge of both; helping me make smarter meal choices.  The overall experience has inspired me to be better and do better.  Shanin cares about my goals and pushes me to my potential.  As a result, I have become stronger, healthier and motivated.  Thank you, Shanin, for all you have done." TB

"Thank you Shanin. I have felt more peaceful (even amongst all the change and very very busy I’ve been experiencing lately) and I credit that to my session and the wisdom you shared." LG

"Again - Thank you for everything you have done!" CS


"Shanin is the woman to go to when you’re in need of an incredible house clearing. She spent a good amount of time with me before hand listening to my needs and desires and from that she helped integrate such an uplifting and comfy feeling in my home. It felt so fresh immediately after and there are still cool things changing around on a daily basis creating the most perfect home that is in alignment with me and my family’s best interests. My home feels so full and safe which make me super eager to get home every day 💜 Not only is Shanin the perfect person to reach out to when your home needs a clearing, she’s also a great resource when you’re in need of healthy prepped foods, energetic readings on your personal self not just your home, and YOGA!! Her gentle approach reaches depths you wouldn’t have thought were there. I love being around her. I absolutely recommend her for all of her resources. I’m glad to know a trusted source. Thanks lovely!" HS

"Everything that came up during our session has shown itself in one way or another since. I also would like to thank you again, It was very healing and has provided me with more clarity. " KM

“The wisdom and embodiment that come through Shanin feel far beyond her years, she is half my age and consistently amazes me.  Her class is a massage for our entire being: mind, body and spirit.  During class I feel as though I am transported to exactly where I need to be and I leave feeling physically stronger and emotionally at ease.” Meg S, Soul Tree creator, curator & teacher 

"Shanin is an amazing person and yoga teacher. I would recommend Shanin for all her services. She is soft and gentle while challenging and authentic. She is a wonderful spirit who can guide you with food, lifestyle and Shamanic healing practices. She has offered me guidance to understand how self-love, personal growth, and overall balance will have a positive influence on my quality of life. She has helped me live a more meaningful life and I hope you'll allow her the opportunity to help you too! She’s an angel!!!  Thanks Shanin :)" ES

"I loved working with Shanin for cooking help in my home. With a busy work schedule & wanting to provide top-notch meals that were also aligned with my "clean eating" values, Shanin was the perfect fit. She's responsive, creative, helpful, and was a pleasure to work with. I'd hire her again in a minute! Thanks Shanin." AP

"Shanin is a great yoga instructor! I enjoy her kind and holistic approach to the practice. You can tell she puts together each and every class with intention and care." LS

"Thanks again for the last healing. You definitely helped!" DA

"I have taken Shanin's yoga classes and have attended her workshops and I would highly recommend her! She's caring, loving and kind. She has an abundance of knowledge to share and truly cares deeply for her students." EM